Ania is the mother of three children- Antek (age 14), Franek (age 8) and Nina (age 7). Two of them are disabled- Antek have Down syndrome, Franek- rare gene mutations. Przemek, Ania’s husband work as a sailor and have several-month cruises, during this months Ania the care of the children by herself.

The project is a story about relationships in the family and how these relationships can make this family strong.

Nina prepares a chessboard to play with her mum.
Franek while brushing his teeth.
Common meal at home.
Franek during the school's opening ceremony.
Ania hugs her eldest son-Antek.
Nina helps Frank while playing in the playground.
Calendar in which Ania marked the day of dad's return home.
A morning before going to school, Przemek returned from work for a few months.
Ania and Franek during therapy to improve the pronunciation of the boy.
The whole family resting in the evening at home.
Antek and Franek in the playground.

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